Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kim Stramat and the Book of Fortunes-Part 1

Some pages from my current sketchbook entitled: Kim Stramat and the Book of Fortunes

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Urban Legends-Bloody Mary

This is some of my work for the most recent BFA project based off the urban legend of Bloody Mary. The BFA group project may be over but now we have a special class and we are bringing our game concept to life as a Source mod. 
I'm working on revisions of some of these pieces that I will repost next week.

Here is our group reel that I put together in Adobe Premiere Pro. Work included is my own, Luis Wong, Kevan Hom, Aaron Soon, Winnie Tang Nick Carpenter, ManYee Wong, Eli Rosen, and Nathan Lee. And Special thanks to Tim the Programer for the rough footage of the Source mod of Bloody Mary.
The music is from the Prometheus soundtrack