Friday, February 21, 2014

A bunch of faces.

All those faces I drew a while a ago I painted like all of them... in color. My original intent was to take five for each character and do really quick grayscale paints, but I went different direction with the characters and I decided to paint these all as practice. I'm not gonna lie some are bad but sometime you are gonna do bad art as long as the next one you do is better is all that counts. I will upload a few every couple of days so here are the first three.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A couple of comps for one of the environments for my personal project..... and the only reason I'm uploading these is because I decided today that I'm probably going to not do this environment to full paint. A little too Dr Who-y if you know what I mean? Which was a little bit Lovecraftish anyway..... But I'm not sure yet anyway.... if I decide for sure not to do this one I will upload the rest of the comps for this environment in a couple of days. Anyway, the reason I haven't uploaded in a while is because I only want to upload the pieces for it once everything is portfolio ready.... But I may upload like each section at a time because the characters are almost all done and just need polishing.